Things we like

Ladies and Gentlemen, for your consideration:

Our photos on this site were taken by at least THREE incredible women.  Check out:



Claire Bilyard/ Scarab Pictures


Now for other fun things!

Bratt’s website.  It’s not quite as good as this one.  But one day it will be.  One day…

Trodd’s website. Bratt had one so Trodd thought she better an’ all…



How we met. And still one of our favourite things to do. Musicals, made up on the spot. What more could you want?

Great website for all things impro.

There are at least two very talented boys in this (who may have appeared in our radio show). We may be biased. Shakespeare, Chaucer, Pinter, made up on the spot. What more could you want?

Fab fun impro times. We sometimes guest with GTI. But even when we don’t they are brill.

If you like WEIRD tales that are improvised, then this is the show for you. MR JAMES, HP LOVECRAFT that sort of thing… You wont be able to sleep after watching them… err in a good way.

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