Hey Team. You can listen to the last REPEAT of Series 1 on BBC Radio 4 at the new time of 6.30pm.

You can also download the podcast here:



Thanks for all your support. See you for Series 2 in the Autumn. If you’d like to attend a live recording in July- sign up to SRO audiences or keep an eye on the Lucky Giant website: http://www.luckygiant.co.uk/show/trodd-en-bratt/

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Trodd en Bratt say “WELL DONE YOU” Episode 1

Sheeeesh- thank you all so much for you kind tweets, FB messages, emails, phone calls in the night and texts. No telegrams or pigeons yet…

The support has been overwhelming and time consuming (in a good way). Although we’ve heard various edits of the show along the way, it was so nice to hear it last night and to be tweeting along and still laughing out loud. Ruth made me choke at one point! It was like an online comedy chat room party fest.

If you missed the party or want to share and listen again, here is the BBC iplayer link:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b046ny8j

If you LOVED it please fill out this brief online form stating that you would like Trodd en Bratt action figures, a second radio series and a mortgage-free home for the both. Ruth would also like a wood-burning stove. https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/faqs/forms/

If you HATED the show (was it a bit SHOUTY late at night for you?) then you should definitely go here and fill out this form:

or choose a course to go on. Perhaps this one:

Huge thanks to Ben our producer and Jon our script editor. And the men.

Thanks all. Love Team TB xxx

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Writer’s Blog Tour

My pal Christine Robertson (@xtine_robbo ) invited me to answer these 4 simple questions about writing (I must be in a philosophical mood as I found them very deep!). I will link to Christine and nominate 3 more people… (is that right?!!)


1.       What are you working on?

Today I am trying to progress several new sitcom ideas and draw a few pictures for a children’s book idea I am working on with my Aunt. However, my BBC radio 4 show went out last night at 11pm.

( http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b046ny8j ) and I am being distracted by replying to lovely kind messages. I have just disabled notifications as I cannot leave emails in my inbox or life will become confused so hopefully focus will ensue. Today is the first proper writing day I’ve had in ages, I have tea and nuts, I spent yesterday cleaning my house so I have no excuses. I have a cold.


2.       How does my work differ from others in my genre?

IS my work different is the first question I ask myself? What is my unique selling point? And why do we try to be different? I am in a double act (Trodd en Bratt say “Well Done You “ is currently on BBC Radio 4 on Thursdays at 11pm- did I mention that?!) We do try to be different- but not for the sake of it- we like to make an audience stretch themselves, not just give them laughs on a plate. We love trying to work out the science behind a laugh, what kind of laugh it is and how to get the right laugh. We love character too. We are different as we use improvisation (we have both been part of The Showstoppers improvised musical for 7 years- @theshowstoppers). In many ways we honour our heroes/heroines of comedy; “you be the short one, I’ll be the tall one. We’ll both be idiots” (Morecambe and Wise). But if you’re asking what makes us unique, it could be that we are us. We are silly, dark, musical, improvisatory, actors and we’ve so far written the shows all by ourselves and we’re women. But everything’s been done a hundred times, nothing’s new it’s trying to do it with originality- is that a massive contradiction!!


3.       Why do I write what I do?

I write comedy, because it comes more naturally to me than drama. I have written serious plays and would like to do more in the future, but I am predisposed to think thought like: “oooh! that would be funnier if…” or “why don’t we put this character in, it’s all gotten a bit serious”. I find laughing more therapeutic than crying, more communal and it’s an honour to do it. I love the relationship of performers and the union between performer and audience. I find it a spiritual process. When I’m really writing/ channelling, somebody else jumps into my body, usually the characters, and takes over.


4.       How does my writing process work?

I always carry a notebook. Sometimes I refer to them years later. For example, the opening sketch Series 1 episode 1 of Trodd en Bratt say “well done you” is a sketch called “John’s Fringe” whereby a group of dinner party guests, talk about each other behind their backs and don’t want to mention John’s new fringe.  This came from an ancient note I had which just said “nobody mention John’s fringe”- it must have been something I overheard. I do that a lot- what a cliche. On a writing day by myself, I do 3 sides of free association pages to get warmed up and then focus on what deadline I have to meet. Usually in a sitcom, once I’ve got the characters and location, I’ll have a scenarios and actions and build from there- rather than concentrate on banter. Character and action always comes first. If I’m writing with Ruth, we used to dress up and record ourselves improvising, but latterly we drink a lot of tea and write really fast. If we couldn’t be in the same room, one of us would start something and email it over to the other to finish. Deadlines really help. I’m more of a morning writer, but I love to stay up late pretending it’s urgent.



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Radio Ha ha!

A brief but heart-felt thanks to all involved in Trodd en Bratt say “WELL DONE YOU”‘s BBC Radio 4 show, produced by Lucky Giant/ NBC Universal.

We’ve had a blast. Air dates brought forward to week of June 19th 2014! Hoorah! Watch this space… we may remember to update you!

Lucy x


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YES…I made a cake.

It is time for Trodd’s bi-annual blog. TRUMPETS PLEASE. It’s festival time of year. Firstly we performed to Dame Judy and friends at the Ardingly Festival. She shouted ” Ecuador”, everybody heard it. But somehow the suggestion resulted in a musical about Tom Cruise turning into a whale and eating his overbearing mother. Then came Cornbury Music Festival- which I don’t really remember as I was in a heat grump. Ruthie gave me a bakewell slice. There was warm water that tasted of plastic. Ruthie and I bought matching hats- I nearly bought a different one but as a huge-headed woman my choices are somewhat narrowed AND I thought at the very least they could become character hats in the future. It was sooooo hot in out tent where we performed to slightly rebellious 12 year-olds- it was like jumping through a ring of fire whilst eating chillies in the desert inside a balloon. Then came Latitude, which was only a few days ago so I remember that. I watched Eddie Izzard on a big screen and then later I saw him in the performers area- and he was TINY. I have to say the funniest thing I saw was Tom Webb on our bus journey with the Boom Tish gang. Fun times. Tom was the compere. Ruthie and I also performed our sketches to a full house (5 people in a caravan) and then later in the cabaret tent fro BOOM TISH. A woman shouted MELON at me as I was leaving. These are indeed, the glamourous years. And now I have my son’s pretend 3rd birthday out of the way today we can prepare for Edinburgh. (My son’s birthday is always in Edinburgh so we have a pretend party with small people before we go and hang out with the jaded artistes.) I made a cake and everything- DIDN’T I RUTH? (Ruth suggested I buy a Betty Crocker- it was magic- honestly I sat and watched it grow bigger and stay big and cakey for 23 minutes. Then I slathered it in fudge icing. I went to bed feeling like I’d achieved). YES… I made a cake.

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Karma got us. Big style.  We were supposed to be having meetings all day on Monday and they all got cancelled.  So we should have done some writing.  We’ve got a lot of writing to do.  And Trodd’s child was in daycare, so we had the WHOLE DAY to do some writing.  Instead, we went to Wetherspoons and had jacket potatoes (because they’re on the two-for-£6 deal at lunch) and then went to the cinema.  Trodd doesn’t get to go to the cinema much because she has a small child, and small children are so demanding of time, care, feeding, etc.  Bratt doesn’t go to the cinema much because she has Apple TV, and Netflix and is a misanthropic hermit.  But Monday was the exception.  We bought our popcorn (from Sainsbury’s – it’s too expensive in the cinema, and they don’t check your bag anymore) and bought our tickets – making sure we went to the 2D screening, cos 3D makes Bratt sick – and settled down to watch our chosen film.  Our chosen film was… Oz The Great and Powerful.  Oh dear.  Oh why?  Why?  We could have seen ANYTHING.  But we chose… Oz The Great and Powerful.  Or Oz The Grating and Direful.  Oz The Shite and Woeful.  Oz The Dull and Boring.  We knew it was bad because a) we had a chat in it, and b) Bratt texted her fella all the way through it to try and work out who to ask to dinner as she’d bought a £33 saddle of lamb that was going to go to waste.  It was not a good film.  We could do a review of it but that would give it more space than it deserves.  But it taught us some lessons.  

1) When you play hooky as an adult the only person you are hurting is yourself.  

2) There is not much reception in Cineworld Wood Green, except right down by your feet.

3) Putting your child in daycare is an expensive way to see a film.

4) Even terrible films can be useful.  We have written a sketch about our experiences.  

So take that karma! We did do some work.  It was just very expensive.

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It takes us a long time to update things…

So since we last spoke, we got our own radio show on Radio 4.  The BBC and everything.  We’ve started writing it.  Then we had some tea and some cake and a very nice avocado and lemon chicken salad that Bratt made while Trodd read out scripts that Bratt couldn’t hear in the kitchen.  I think we can all agree this has been a good use of time.  Last week we did a very nice gig at Sketchercise in a toilet in Shepherds Bush.  Fantastic line-up and some nice wine.  Trodd has a personal trainer and Bratt has laughed at the results of it, which is mostly Trodd being unable to walk.  Bratt has been in Derek (C4 – last one on Wednesday 6th) and The Ministry of Curious Stuff with Vic Reeves, and also has a nice line in being pencilled for adverts where she’s not too attractive, but certainly not ugly.  Triple Threat (Trodd en Bratt plus Pippa Evans) had its tv debut the other day.  Watch it here:


We shall endeavour to update this every Monday which is our writing day.  Watch this space (but not too closely or you may find yourself dead in front of  a computer before we manage to do anything…)

Oh and we’ll update our show page so you can see where to catch us too.

That is all.  Now leave would you?  We’ve got some reformatting to do. (and some crumbs to lick off a plate…)


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Edinburgh thanks

Hello all,

Trodd here (I’ve really got the hang of this bloggering I can tell you). Bratt is in Canada improvising in ‘Soap of Thrones’ the 50-hour improvised soap opera. 

I have finally compiled our Edinburgh ‘THANK YOU- WELL DONE YOU’ list so here goes:

Oliver and Adam- our men of direction and love
Trodd and Bratt’s Parents for birthday donations/ babysitting favours and character inspiration
Donal –  for making our pre- Edinburgh promo video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVRPCRNN8Xw
Dylan- for making this website work
Idil- Super duper photos
Newborn girls/ Pippa Evans and Cariad Lloyd for sharing previews and for continued moral support and solidarity
Fiona White- for AMAZING posters and badges and flier- that we never tired of looking at and that we were proud to hand out.
Jonathon Monkhouse- for support and for free teching, and music playlists and general lovelyheadedness
Bex and Arianne and El- Unavoidable PR
Mike and Hollie- our wonderful agents. How many agent’s do you know who’d flier in the rain for you? 
Kate Gambrell and Seabrights for support and advice.
The Showstoppers- advertising in programme and love mongering.
Sarah-Louise Young and Cariad Lloyd- Pippa- for free fringe advice. INVALUABLE.
Duncan Walsh Atkins- for recording our theme song “Well Done You”
Misha  Anker- our wonderful techy mwah mwah xxx
Phil Hunter- thanks for stepping in last minute teching. 
Mark Olver, Wardrobe in Bristol for preview love.
Sarah Millican- for all the support and tweeting.
Mostly Comedy Hitchen Doggett and Effgrave- thanks for your support and for filming our show.
Soho Theatre- The Comedy Project- thanks for our 2nd preview. So helpful.
Liz Bower- Guide Hut! Say no more- only that gig made me realise why we had to include the Wiggies.
Jess Fostekew- thanks for forcing us to do our first preview in Camden- what a great SHOE.
Trudi Stevens for sound effects and preview support.

The Blitz Sisters for ALWAYS being lovely and for being great room mates!
The Free Festival and Three Sisters for being totally lovely. We loved the door men they kept us going.
Albert for patience and inspiration.
Thank you to Ruthie for making me believe, for never a cross word, for making me laugh, for loving me. You are the only comedy partner I hope to have xxxx
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Well Done You- Edinburgh so far…

Hello chaps, it’s Trodd here. Today was show number 5 #welldoneyou. Showstopper is also stomping- tonight we were sold out BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: Pippa showed Trodd en Bratt where the secret olde sweete shoppe (foam shrimps ahoy!)  is within the Gilded Balloon! Also Trodd’s blackout blind arrived. Watch this space for news on it’s success. Shows on the free fringe we have seen and loved included Parris and Dowler and 3 girls in the bus telling whimsical stories- we liked them but their flyers haven’t arrived yet so I don’t know their names! We are very lucky to be sharing Maggie’s Chamber with the Blitz Sisters- they are super nice, finish on time and play and sing lovely war time tunes. Free Festival love is spread daily. Yesterday we had a mention in The Scotsman which is nice. My legs went blue today (new jeans). Bratt’s waterproof has been rebranded as “water resistant”. We are trying not to be ill this early. Hot cold wet dry sweat cold Urrrgh. 4 more sleeps until Albert arrives (Trodd’s 2-year old).


Any press enquiries to Bex @ unavoidable PR

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Edinburgh Fringe feeling real… and close…

So here it is.  http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/well-done-you-free  Our entry in the Edinburgh Fringe brochure and website.  It’s real now.  It was before, but now it’s properly exciting.  Trodd has spent the day doing poster and flier designing.  Bratt has spent the day doing admin and updating websites and adding things and drinking tea.  We spent last night eating Toffifees while rewriting the script in a final form (as final as it’ll ever be – we’re not good at sticking to scripts…)  We were hoping to get sponsorship from Toffifee as we are giving away a box a show.  But Toffifee won’t play ball.  For some reason they don’t want the publicity.  We were only asking for 30 boxes of Toffifee.  So if anyone else wants to buy us 30 boxes of Toffifee we’ll be really grateful.  You can get them in Pound Shops.

The other thing that has happened is we have an email you can contact us on.  It’s hello@troddenbratt.com  It could be anything.  You could email anything@troddenbratt.com and we’d get it.  Dylan Emery tested it by emailing jammajammadingdong@troddenbratt.com.  So there you go.

And that’s it really.  Just under a month before our next full preview.  And then it’s only a month until we go up to Edinburgh.  Oof.  Luckily we both get to have holidays before that.  Bratt’s first holiday for about 3 years.  Exciting. Bratt intends to arrive in Edinburgh with a tan.  She will arrive with sunburn.  And leave pasty.  That is the Edinburgh way.   Now Bratt must go and buy a printer and Trodd must get back to work.

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