Hello everybody- it’s me Trodd

This is my first blog. It looked so complicated. IT WASN’T! Thank goodness Ruthie was there to show me AGAIN (despite thinking I’m a stupid head).

SO, what’s new in Camp TenB (that’s clever shorthand for Trodd en Bratt) wise we are working on our clowning this week. Also it’s that time of the month (no not THAT time) when we think up some new material for the next NEWBORN (Leicester Square Theare, Mon 28th May 8.30pm with Pippa Evans and Cariad Lloyd) then we forget about it until a few hours before the show, just to keep it really fresh. Cariad got married since the last one so let’s see if weddings enter the mix of NEW WRITING on offer.

The 50 hour London Improvathon was at the weekend. I only did 16 hours as I had to go to Birmingham to feel an episode of Doctors (airing 13th Sept). Which feels like a few lengths in the swimming pool of improvisation. Ruthie did a lot more.

We also got the Showstopper! Edinburgh rota through and it all feels like it’s VERY close now. 

I’ve also been saying “Well Done You” (name of our Edinburgh show) many times, sometimes when it’s appropriate.

Life is currently very good.

Albert (my “nearly 2” year old) said his first French words today! “Petit ours” small bear apparently. Ahhh I’m proud of use of the word “trumping” so imagine how proud I am now! 

Well HAPPY NORWAY DAY everybody. I’m off to eat a tower of cakes.




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Bratt once again attempts to teach Trodd to blog

OK.  Lucy, write it down this time.  This is how you blog.  Type some stuff into the post.  Then press publish.  Tada!  

We are doing very well.  We have spent the evening doing things Bratt should have done about two weeks ago and is now attempting after a weekend without sleep.  It is slow going.  

In other news, Lucy filmed Doctors, Ruth filmed a Tesco ad, Lucy’s Majestic ad is being reshown, we’re working on our poster, and Ruth still believes she’s the goddess of love.  And Queen Victoria.  She has delusions of grandeur.

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Bratt teaches Trodd how to blog!

This is simply a way for Bratt to show Trodd how to blog.  Really we should be writing the intro to our show, and two new sketches, but we’ve just had two pieces of cake from Konditor and Cook (sponsorship please) and we’re on a sugar high.  Hopefully Bratt’s done it right, and Trodd will be suitably amazed and astounded and will make Bratt the ruler of the double act for a day. 

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Oooh we made a website…

Well, once again, neither of us actually made the thing.  We relied on our tame geeks to help us.  This time it was the fabulous Dylan Emery of Showstopper fame who helped us.  He’s really very useful.  And often buys nice wine.  And used to get a lot more takeaways.  In fact Bratt will be taking advantage of this on Saturday and going round after rehearsals to jazz up what is currently a spectacularly uninteresting website and make it all shiny with Dylan, and then drink and chat.

Trodd will be doing something else.  So for now, there’s not much on here, but we will update it and keep a blog for the run up to Edinburgh, and during the Festival.  Our first together and Bratt’s first on the Free Festival.  We’re very excited. We did the brochure entry today.  It took a long time because none of our tame geeks were available.  So Bratt struggled – and managed.  Learned helplessness.  It can be defeated.

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