YES…I made a cake.

It is time for Trodd’s bi-annual blog. TRUMPETS PLEASE. It’s festival time of year. Firstly we performed to Dame Judy and friends at the Ardingly Festival. She shouted ” Ecuador”, everybody heard it. But somehow the suggestion resulted in a musical about Tom Cruise turning into a whale and eating his overbearing mother. Then came Cornbury Music Festival- which I don’t really remember as I was in a heat grump. Ruthie gave me a bakewell slice. There was warm water that tasted of plastic. Ruthie and I bought matching hats- I nearly bought a different one but as a huge-headed woman my choices are somewhat narrowed AND I thought at the very least they could become character hats in the future. It was sooooo hot in out tent where we performed to slightly rebellious 12 year-olds- it was like jumping through a ring of fire whilst eating chillies in the desert inside a balloon. Then came Latitude, which was only a few days ago so I remember that. I watched Eddie Izzard on a big screen and then later I saw him in the performers area- and he was TINY. I have to say the funniest thing I saw was Tom Webb on our bus journey with the Boom Tish gang. Fun times. Tom was the compere. Ruthie and I also performed our sketches to a full house (5 people in a caravan) and then later in the cabaret tent fro BOOM TISH. A woman shouted MELON at me as I was leaving. These are indeed, the glamourous years. And now I have my son’s pretend 3rd birthday out of the way today we can prepare for Edinburgh. (My son’s birthday is always in Edinburgh so we have a pretend party with small people before we go and hang out with the jaded artistes.) I made a cake and everything- DIDN’T I RUTH? (Ruth suggested I buy a Betty Crocker- it was magic- honestly I sat and watched it grow bigger and stay big and cakey for 23 minutes. Then I slathered it in fudge icing. I went to bed feeling like I’d achieved). YES… I made a cake.

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