Karma got us. Big style.  We were supposed to be having meetings all day on Monday and they all got cancelled.  So we should have done some writing.  We’ve got a lot of writing to do.  And Trodd’s child was in daycare, so we had the WHOLE DAY to do some writing.  Instead, we went to Wetherspoons and had jacket potatoes (because they’re on the two-for-£6 deal at lunch) and then went to the cinema.  Trodd doesn’t get to go to the cinema much because she has a small child, and small children are so demanding of time, care, feeding, etc.  Bratt doesn’t go to the cinema much because she has Apple TV, and Netflix and is a misanthropic hermit.  But Monday was the exception.  We bought our popcorn (from Sainsbury’s – it’s too expensive in the cinema, and they don’t check your bag anymore) and bought our tickets – making sure we went to the 2D screening, cos 3D makes Bratt sick – and settled down to watch our chosen film.  Our chosen film was… Oz The Great and Powerful.  Oh dear.  Oh why?  Why?  We could have seen ANYTHING.  But we chose… Oz The Great and Powerful.  Or Oz The Grating and Direful.  Oz The Shite and Woeful.  Oz The Dull and Boring.  We knew it was bad because a) we had a chat in it, and b) Bratt texted her fella all the way through it to try and work out who to ask to dinner as she’d bought a £33 saddle of lamb that was going to go to waste.  It was not a good film.  We could do a review of it but that would give it more space than it deserves.  But it taught us some lessons.  

1) When you play hooky as an adult the only person you are hurting is yourself.  

2) There is not much reception in Cineworld Wood Green, except right down by your feet.

3) Putting your child in daycare is an expensive way to see a film.

4) Even terrible films can be useful.  We have written a sketch about our experiences.  

So take that karma! We did do some work.  It was just very expensive.

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