It takes us a long time to update things…

So since we last spoke, we got our own radio show on Radio 4.  The BBC and everything.  We’ve started writing it.  Then we had some tea and some cake and a very nice avocado and lemon chicken salad that Bratt made while Trodd read out scripts that Bratt couldn’t hear in the kitchen.  I think we can all agree this has been a good use of time.  Last week we did a very nice gig at Sketchercise in a toilet in Shepherds Bush.  Fantastic line-up and some nice wine.  Trodd has a personal trainer and Bratt has laughed at the results of it, which is mostly Trodd being unable to walk.  Bratt has been in Derek (C4 – last one on Wednesday 6th) and The Ministry of Curious Stuff with Vic Reeves, and also has a nice line in being pencilled for adverts where she’s not too attractive, but certainly not ugly.  Triple Threat (Trodd en Bratt plus Pippa Evans) had its tv debut the other day.  Watch it here:

We shall endeavour to update this every Monday which is our writing day.  Watch this space (but not too closely or you may find yourself dead in front of  a computer before we manage to do anything…)

Oh and we’ll update our show page so you can see where to catch us too.

That is all.  Now leave would you?  We’ve got some reformatting to do. (and some crumbs to lick off a plate…)


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