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Hello all,

Trodd here (I’ve really got the hang of this bloggering I can tell you). Bratt is in Canada improvising in ‘Soap of Thrones’ the 50-hour improvised soap opera. 

I have finally compiled our Edinburgh ‘THANK YOU- WELL DONE YOU’ list so here goes:

Oliver and Adam- our men of direction and love
Trodd and Bratt’s Parents for birthday donations/ babysitting favours and character inspiration
Donal –  for making our pre- Edinburgh promo video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVRPCRNN8Xw
Dylan- for making this website work
Idil- Super duper photos
Newborn girls/ Pippa Evans and Cariad Lloyd for sharing previews and for continued moral support and solidarity
Fiona White- for AMAZING posters and badges and flier- that we never tired of looking at and that we were proud to hand out.
Jonathon Monkhouse- for support and for free teching, and music playlists and general lovelyheadedness
Bex and Arianne and El- Unavoidable PR
Mike and Hollie- our wonderful agents. How many agent’s do you know who’d flier in the rain for you? 
Kate Gambrell and Seabrights for support and advice.
The Showstoppers- advertising in programme and love mongering.
Sarah-Louise Young and Cariad Lloyd- Pippa- for free fringe advice. INVALUABLE.
Duncan Walsh Atkins- for recording our theme song “Well Done You”
Misha  Anker- our wonderful techy mwah mwah xxx
Phil Hunter- thanks for stepping in last minute teching. 
Mark Olver, Wardrobe in Bristol for preview love.
Sarah Millican- for all the support and tweeting.
Mostly Comedy Hitchen Doggett and Effgrave- thanks for your support and for filming our show.
Soho Theatre- The Comedy Project- thanks for our 2nd preview. So helpful.
Liz Bower- Guide Hut! Say no more- only that gig made me realise why we had to include the Wiggies.
Jess Fostekew- thanks for forcing us to do our first preview in Camden- what a great SHOE.
Trudi Stevens for sound effects and preview support.

The Blitz Sisters for ALWAYS being lovely and for being great room mates!
The Free Festival and Three Sisters for being totally lovely. We loved the door men they kept us going.
Albert for patience and inspiration.
Thank you to Ruthie for making me believe, for never a cross word, for making me laugh, for loving me. You are the only comedy partner I hope to have xxxx
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