Well Done You- Edinburgh so far…

Hello chaps, it’s Trodd here. Today was show number 5 #welldoneyou. Showstopper is also stomping- tonight we were sold out BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: Pippa showed Trodd en Bratt where the secret olde sweete shoppe (foam shrimps ahoy!) ┬áis within the Gilded Balloon! Also Trodd’s blackout blind arrived. Watch this space for news on it’s success. Shows on the free fringe we have seen and loved included Parris and Dowler and 3 girls in the bus telling whimsical stories- we liked them but their flyers haven’t arrived yet so I don’t know their names! We are very lucky to be sharing Maggie’s Chamber with the Blitz Sisters- they are super nice, finish on time and play and sing lovely war time tunes. Free Festival love is spread daily. Yesterday we had a mention in The Scotsman which is nice. My legs went blue today (new jeans). Bratt’s waterproof has been rebranded as “water resistant”. We are trying not to be ill this early. Hot cold wet dry sweat cold Urrrgh. 4 more sleeps until Albert arrives (Trodd’s 2-year old).


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