Hello everybody- it’s me Trodd

This is my first blog. It looked so complicated. IT WASN’T! Thank goodness Ruthie was there to show me AGAIN (despite thinking I’m a stupid head).

SO, what’s new in Camp TenB (that’s clever shorthand for Trodd en Bratt) wise we are working on our clowning this week. Also it’s that time of the month (no not THAT time) when we think up some new material for the next NEWBORN (Leicester Square Theare, Mon 28th May 8.30pm with Pippa Evans and Cariad Lloyd) then we forget about it until a few hours before the show, just to keep it really fresh. Cariad got married since the last one so let’s see if weddings enter the mix of NEW WRITING on offer.

The 50 hour London Improvathon was at the weekend. I only did 16 hours as I had to go to Birmingham to feel an episode of Doctors (airing 13th Sept). Which feels like a few lengths in the swimming pool of improvisation. Ruthie did a lot more.

We also got the Showstopper! Edinburgh rota through and it all feels like it’s VERY close now. 

I’ve also been saying “Well Done You” (name of our Edinburgh show) many times, sometimes when it’s appropriate.

Life is currently very good.

Albert (my “nearly 2″ year old) said his first French words today! “Petit ours” small bear apparently. Ahhh I’m proud of use of the word “trumping” so imagine how proud I am now! 

Well HAPPY NORWAY DAY everybody. I’m off to eat a tower of cakes.




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