Edinburgh Fringe feeling real… and close…

So here it is.  http://www.edfringe.com/whats-on/comedy/well-done-you-free  Our entry in the Edinburgh Fringe brochure and website.  It’s real now.  It was before, but now it’s properly exciting.  Trodd has spent the day doing poster and flier designing.  Bratt has spent the day doing admin and updating websites and adding things and drinking tea.  We spent last night eating Toffifees while rewriting the script in a final form (as final as it’ll ever be – we’re not good at sticking to scripts…)  We were hoping to get sponsorship from Toffifee as we are giving away a box a show.  But Toffifee won’t play ball.  For some reason they don’t want the publicity.  We were only asking for 30 boxes of Toffifee.  So if anyone else wants to buy us 30 boxes of Toffifee we’ll be really grateful.  You can get them in Pound Shops.

The other thing that has happened is we have an email you can contact us on.  It’s hello@troddenbratt.com  It could be anything.  You could email anything@troddenbratt.com and we’d get it.  Dylan Emery tested it by emailing jammajammadingdong@troddenbratt.com.  So there you go.

And that’s it really.  Just under a month before our next full preview.  And then it’s only a month until we go up to Edinburgh.  Oof.  Luckily we both get to have holidays before that.  Bratt’s first holiday for about 3 years.  Exciting. Bratt intends to arrive in Edinburgh with a tan.  She will arrive with sunburn.  And leave pasty.  That is the Edinburgh way.   Now Bratt must go and buy a printer and Trodd must get back to work.

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