Trodd en Bratt say “WELL DONE YOU” Episode 1

Sheeeesh- thank you all so much for you kind tweets, FB messages, emails, phone calls in the night and texts. No telegrams or pigeons yet…

The support has been overwhelming and time consuming (in a good way). Although we’ve heard various edits of the show along the way, it was so nice to hear it last night and to be tweeting along and still laughing out loud. Ruth made me choke at one point! It was like an online comedy chat room party fest.

If you missed the party or want to share and listen again, here is the BBC iplayer link:

If you LOVED it please fill out this brief online form stating that you would like Trodd en Bratt action figures, a second radio series and a mortgage-free home for the both. Ruth would also like a wood-burning stove.

If you HATED the show (was it a bit SHOUTY late at night for you?) then you should definitely go here and fill out this form:

or choose a course to go on. Perhaps this one:

Huge thanks to Ben our producer and Jon our script editor. And the men.

Thanks all. Love Team TB xxx

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